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5 Best Hiking Spots in the GTA

If you’re anything like me and you get antsy sitting in the concrete jungle dont worry. I have compiled a list of the top 5 most beautiful hikes you can experience this year in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Hilton Falls Conservation Area

Located in Milton, Hilton Falls Conservation Area is an ideal destination for a hiking excursion near Toronto. The main attraction of this park is the beautiful Hilton Falls, which is especially active in the spring.

I highly recommend visiting the waterfall after rainfall, specifically in the spring and fall as it may not be as impressive during the dryer months. Although I find that during the winter time this park truly becomes magical with the waterfall becoming completely frozen.

The park has several hiking trails of varying difficulties, including one leading right up to the falls. This one tends to be the most crowded and for good reason. 

While you are there, be sure to visit the Hilton Falls Reservoir. Although not as impressive as the falls it is much quieter and definitely a nice peaceful spot to enjoy.

Limehouse Conservation

Located about an hour from Toronto and just west of Georgetown lies a very unique and beautiful park that makes for an excellent day trip.

Limehouse Conservation is an extension of the Bruce trail features many crevices and the famous ruins of the old lime house. In addition to the ruins of the limehouse, this park is also known for the picturesque limehouse bridge. 

In regards to hiking, this park also features a good mix of difficult and easy trails, making it a perfect outing for the whole family. 

If you are planning to venture out to this park. I would highly recommend  going earlier in the morning as the park doesn’t have a large parking lot and it does tend to fill up very quickly. 

Crawford Lake Conservation

Located in Milton, Crawford Lake Conservation Area is a hiking spot near Toronto. The park has a boardwalk that traces around a very deep lake. Crawford conservation area has about 20 km of trails with a good range between easy and moderate.  

One very unique aspect to this park is the aboriginal longhouses featured on the top of the hill. These longhouses offer a good taste of the traditional aboriginal life. 

This again makes a good trip for the whole family not only as a fitness outing but also as an interactive educational experience. 

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

Located near Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton, this provincial park features 4 different trails that have many crevasses, beautiful rock formations, lookouts and cliffs. 

This park is generally pretty busy and you would want to book your spot before you go. That being said, this park is beautiful during all seasons, however my favorite time to visit is during the fall when all the leaves have changed.

Smokey Hollow

Located in Hamilton, the Smoky Hollow Waterfall features some of the best views to see in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Aside from the beautiful waterfall, this section of the Bruce Trail is incredibly picturesque. 

Although it’s not a very tall waterfall, this 10 meter falls has a very nice cliffside and valley that traces the river. 

For the most enjoyment, I would highly recommend visiting in the drier months during the summer because in the wetter months like spring and fall the area becomes incredibly muddy and slippery. 

Despite the trail being very well maintained, this section of the Bruce trail can be challenging for some. Since the trail traces the river, it does have a consistent downward slope. This makes for a very nice easy stroll down but does make for a more difficult stair climb back to your car. 

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